Jan 15, 2015

karl hessing in SF...

Nov 25, 2014

double dip: odenkirk and du bouchet!


Big day for us here at AST. We are thrilled beyond all measure to announce two absolute gems: Andrés du Bouchet's latest foray into verbose absurdity "20-Sided Guy," and Bob Odenkirk's standup album "Amateur Hour." Andrés' is available on a limited edition vinyl LP that comes with a deluxe digital download for over 2 hours (!) of content. Bob's features an opening set by up-and-comer Brandon Wardell. Two A+ albums from two absolute comedy geniuses. Please enjoy.

Nov 11, 2014

AST triple dip: Danke, Peters and Rothbart albums out today!


Droppin' three solid albums today; check them out and please spread the word with whomever you like to spread words with. Samples below. Grab CD's (or for Andy, a 12" LP!) on our webstore, or cop them on iTunes. So proud of each of these gems!