Feb 25, 2014

Karen Kilgariff's "Live at the Bootleg" out today!

Great news kids, Karen Kilgariff's "Live at the Bootleg" is officially out! In an early review, TheSpitTake praises Kilgariff's "multi-layered observational comedy with recurring (but not overbearing) feminist themes set against metaphor-laden love songs"and hails 'Live at the Bootleg'  as "fresh and vital."
Best known for her work on "Mr. Show" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Karen has been a longtime favorite of those in the know, and has recently transitioned from classic stand-up comic to acoustic troubadour. Recorded live in LA and completely uncut, Live at the Bootleg captures musical comedy at its rawest, and sets a new bar for a genre that is rarely done right.   

'Live at the Bootleg's first LP pressings are available on orange colored vinyl and comes with a free digital download. Order your copy today!