Jun 3, 2016


Available today on iTunes and seductive lipstick red limited edition vinyl.

Third split release between AST and Jonah Ray's Literally Figurative Records. From Jonah: "Matt is a Chicago Second City legend that came to LA ten years ago. He worked as a bartender at BAR 107 downtown and we recorded the album there (w/ @dustinmartian) shortly before it was shut down. Matt embodies Chicago to me which is hyper intelligent, outspoken politically, but won't let that get in the way of a good night of getting wasted and goofing off. His podcast 'conversations with Matt Dwyer' is very worth a listen as well as he interviews authors, activists and poets. I was lucky enough to have Matt write and produce on ‎'Hidden America'‬ and am proud to release his first album. The A side is an outstanding set of stand up and the B side is songs that are as great as they are humorous (*very). This is available on vinyl at the AST RECORDS site and digitally where ever you get your digitals. Support Matt. Support comedy."

Matt Dwyer began his comedy career at the famed Second City theater in Chicago. He transitioned from sketch to stand up comedy and has performed all over the world to small and gigantic crowds. Dwyer is also a prolific writer who has written for magazines and material for notable comedians Nick Swardson, David Koechner and Natasha Leggero. He recently finished staff writer position on "Hidden America With Jonah Ray." Matt Dwyer also has a podcasts on Feral Audio and a baby with a name no one can pronounce correctly.